A Catalonian company established in 1991 that specialises in the sale of raw ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and detergency industry.

Química Jover, Terrassa, we are a company with more than twenty-five years experience in the cosmetic and pharma sector and, more recently, in other sectors due to the nature of the products and projects that we have been developing.
Our business is centred on three main areas: distribution of ingredients mainly actives and functional ingredients, development and production of preservative systems and emollients, and distribution and maintenance of equipments. Our R&D research laboratory enables us to develop customised ideas and formulae for our clients and impart training seminars on how to work with our products,and work also for the development of our own preservative systems and emollients.


Our strategy is always striving to offer innovative and state-of-the-art solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs, so that they can meet market demands in an intelligent, advanced and price-competitive way, resulting in an excellent service based on speed, communication and efficiency.


Our mission is to provide solutions that are best for people’s health and the most innocuous and skin-friendly possible, thereby doing our part to improve everyone’s quality of life.

Your key technological Partner

Thanks to working so long with technologically advanced partners and to our excellent laboratory infrastructure, along with our experience in formulation and the market, our clients now consider us a reliable strategic partner in carrying out any type of project: from raw ingredient consulting to advice on textures, and even co-developments for specific projects in line with our clients’ needs.